About Us

We are Standard Electric Co. We opened a brand new recording and design studio in Decatur, GA, in January 2017. Naturally, we're just thrilled about that. Now for a little backstory.

We've been business partners, bandmates, and just solid buds for a long time, and we've done – if we may so so – surprisingly well with our past endeavors (making music, touring, running a small vinyl-only record label) so far. But this is a huge and exciting step forward. We've worked for years to be able to have the opporunity to build something like this from the ground up, and we want to make sure we do this the best way we know how, from the very begining.

So, what can you, the valued client and artist, expect on a typical day working at Standard? Good question. In no particular order: a comfortable and unique atmosphere, righteous tones, more random vintage gear than you can shake a stick at, inspiration-a-plenty, lots of knobs and sliders, weirdos, bad jokes, an enjoyable lunch (at your own expense!), some cheeky snapshots taken, maybe a bit too much musical philosophizing, a pretty nice little backyard, people here to make sure you create your best work possible, reversed and sped up tape tricks, cold Topo Chico in the fridge, etc...

In an effort to make sure we are able to fulfill all of these promises to you, we have developed a system to keep everyone on their toes and creative at all times. We call this THE STANDARD METHOD™, and it has four tenants or "checkboxes" that must be ticked in order to be considered successful. To apply the method to your creative process, you simply ask yourself, "Is this work: honest, challenging, timeless, & relevant to both myself and the listener?" You don't have to work this way, but we find that it pretty much works 99% of the time for us over here, 100% of the time.

On another note, a lot of major studios have closed down in Atlanta over the past few years, because the people who love and work in those studios are not always the people who own them. We're changing that – we own our studio. Standard Electric Recorders opened January 1, 2017, and it is here to stay – for everyone. See you on the cutting room floor, friends.

Damon Moon & Chandler Galloway